Blane Valley Allotments

Local Allotments for the Blanefield & Strathblane Community


We are privately owned allotments, in the village of Blanefield and Strathblane, on land leased from the Duntreath Estates. Membership is limited, by our lease, to those living within the Strathblane Community Council area.

There are about 30 plots on sizes varying from 50m2, ideal for beginners, to 100m2 and 200m2 for the more experienced. Most of the largest plots hold a hut, and some a greenhouse too. There is a large communal shed, useful on rainy days, or for group meetings, and a small shed beside that, used by those plotters without any storage facilities.

Strathblane Primary School looks after four raised beds and a plot within the site to introduce the pupils to growing flowers and vegetables. The Wee Spuds meet once a month after School. Contact Sarah Hyde for more information.


Application for membership, or associate membership, should be made to the Secretary.  Forms for this are either below, available from the Strathblane Library or from the allotments themselves.  (Spare forms are kept in the communal shed.)  The rents for 2019 are from £50 for the largest plots to £35 for the smallest.  This is usually for people who choose not have an allotment but are keen to stay ‘friends’.  We have a few honorary members – mostly people who had a large part in setting up the whole project and to whom we are much indebted.

To download the plot application click the button below.
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Apply online for a plot
Apply online for associate membership


Read the Rules or download the PDF file. Amended on 27 October 2018.
Read the Constitution or downloaded the PDF file. Amended on 27 October 2018.
Read the Privacy Statement. Amended on 25 February 2019.


Position Name Contact Number
Chair Margaret Meager 07710 769 653
Vice Chair Bruce McKinnon 07769 646 891
Secretary Sheena McDonald 07801 813 096


Vehicular access to the site the track is strongly discouraged but sometimes essential when transporting heavy goods or deliveries by lorry or for health reasons. There is a parking area, which is more often used for temporarily storing delivered goods rather than for cars.


To get to Blane Valley Allotments from Strathblane, turn off the A81 onto Dumbrock Road, then second right into Dumbrock Drive.

Proceed to the end of this road (post code G63 9DN) and then west along the track that goes over the water (there may be a bollard at this point to prevent vehicle access) and continue past the playing field.

Carry on along the bridleway for about 250 metres.  The entrance to the allotments is just past the Scottish Water site on the left.  There is a large wooden sign on the gate.

Strathblane Community Council Area

Satellite image of the allotment

Satellite image of the allotment